Ottawa was founded in 1826, as Bytown and incorporated as “Ottawa” in 1855, the city has evolved into a political and technological center of Canada. The original boundaries were expanded through annexations and ultimately replaced by a new city incorporation and major amalgamation in 2001, which significantly increased its land area. The name “Ottawa” is derived from the Algonquin word adawe, meaning “to trade”.

The 2011 census had the city’s population as 883.391,the census metropolitan area population as 1.236.324,and the National Capital Region (NCR) population as 1.451.415. Ottawa is ranked with the second highest quality of living of any large city in the Americas, and 14th highest in the world.




Parliament hill – The city’s biggest attraction by far, Parliament is Canada’s nexus of political activity. The primary building, supports the iconic Peace Tower, the highest structure in the city.


National Gallery of Canada – Canada’s biggest art gallery, is a must. Housing the largest collection of Canadian and Inuit art in the world. The building is a piece of art in itself, one of Ottawa’s modern architectural places.


Restaurants & Bars

coutyard restaurant

Courtyard restaurant – One of the must’s if you walk on Ottawa’s downtown, located in the ByWard Market, opened more than30 years ago and their superb cuisine and charming elegant atmosphere, made them a perfect place.

grill 41

Grill 41 – the name Grill 41 appear in recognition of the year, 1941, that the Lord Elgin was built, the restaurant features a modern environment and classic menu that is a perfect match for connecting with new and familiar faces.

Le cordon blue bistro @ Signatures

Le cordon blue bistro @ Signatures – This one brings a modern twist to a fine dining experience. Combining modern cuisine with relaxing decor and a stress-free ambience, Le Cordon Bleu Bistro can be a beautiful oasis.


Zen Kitchen™ – At ZenKitchen, they believe that a gourmet meal can be created out of healthy and environmentally friendly foods. With a focus on whole foods prepared in a flavorful and healthful manner, ZenKitchen demonstrates that food can be beautiful and good.



Hilton Lac-leamy ottawa

Hilton Lac-leamy – Four-time winner of the Hilton Connie award, is beautifully situated on the shores of Leamy Lake. Interconnected to the spectacular Casino du Lac-Leamy and only five minutes from downtown Ottawa.

Captura de ecrã - 2013-02-21, 04.45.44

Lord Elgin Hotel – Lord Elgin’s reflect Ottawa’s elegance, from the tall picture windows, bold tulip inspired artwork, to Biedermeier style luxury furnishings. The Lord Elgin Hotel is steps away from the Rideau Canal, Ottawa Convention Centre.

The Westin Hotel

The Westin Hotel – Located in the heart of the city, this hotel offers plenty of things to do in Ottawa. It has an amazing contemporary furniture in all the hotel, we could stay watching all like if it was a museum.


Interior Home design

Captura de ecrã - 2013-02-21, 04.47.49

Lûxe home Interiors – They want to make their costumers to experience a new level of service that is above and beyond anything they had tried before. They want to deliver special furniture’s that will make the costumer feel emotions.

Art of Furniture

Art of Furniture – The Van Leeuwen name has been synonymous with the very best in contemporary and modern home furnishings. Their exclusive product lines have evolved to include a stunning array of new and unique furniture, proving that beauty and quality can also be surprisingly affordable.


Polanco furniture – Amazing collections, beautiful pieces of art that will leave everyone pay attention to the detail. This Polanco furniture gather lots of looking that show emotion and comfort, proving that good furniture make people feel emotions.


Art Galleries


National Arts Centre – the NAC works with countless artists, both emerging and established, from across Canada and around the world, and collaborates with scores of other arts organizations across the country. The NAC is strongly committed to being a leader and innovator in each of the performing arts fields in which it works

city hall art gallery

City Hall Art Gallery – Each year they call to artists come and show their work. A jury of professional artists and art specialists chooses exhibitions. Slides are requested and the work is judged on the excellence of the art represented in the slides and the written proposal


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