Calgary is a city in the province of Alberta, Canada. It is situated on the Bow River in the south, in an area of foothills and prairie, approximately 80 km east of the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies. The city is located in the grassland and parkland natural regions of Alberta.

As of the 2011 census, the City of Calgary had a population of 1,096,833and a metropolitan population of 1.214.839, making it the largest city in Alberta.


Heritage Park Historical Village

Heritage Park Historical Village – Head down to the Heritage Park Historical Village and step right into the past, we can see what Calgary used to look like. With a policy that all buildings within the village be from 1915 or earlier, it really is the opposite of modern Calgary.


Calgary tower – This Calgary Tower was built in1968 and is an iconic feature of the Calgary skyline. There is no doubt that the aesthetics of this once-proud concrete structure have passed into the realm of strange but, love it or hate it, the slightly phallic structure is a fixture of the downtown area with 191m high.

Restaurants & Bars


Añejo Restaurant –  Great fresh authentic Mexican food with a modern twist and a well researched tequilla. Amazing Mexican inspired room inspired in the province of jalisco.


Alloy Restaurant – They bring creatitity and passion from the Mediterranean and Latin heritages with a litle influence of Asian flavors to create sensational menus with a atmosphere that represents a culinary adventure.


Ox and Angela Restaurant – This is a place inspired in Spain, wich origins of the owners have created an superb place where we can enjoy olives and almond while sipping on a glass of sherry.


Candela Lounge – The candela lounge belongs to the Alloy group, bringing creativity and passion from the Mediterranean and Latin heritages, this time in a lounge ambient where we can relax and have a drink with our friends.


Melrose Cafe & Bar – Through the past 20 years Melrose has become much more than a restaurant and bar, it has become a social experience, a place to bring friends and family for brunch or to sit out on the beautiful four tier patio




Hotel arts – It’s placed in the heart of Calgary downtown, a boutique hotel focused on business and recreational spirit, the had spend a lot of time and attention to detail and designing rooms.

Calgary Marriott

Calgary Marriott – A luxury hotel in Calgary’s City, close to the downtown it offers what the Marriot group has always given to us, quality, comfort, good ambience, and great staff willing to help us on anything. They schedule a rout for you to enjoy Calgary’s best places.

Hotel Le Germain Calgary

Hotel Le Germain Calgary – Exhilarating, located on the Calgary’s downtown is a real-estate complex whose design is a cutting edge as it is remarkable. The hotel brings us luminous and contemporary furniture’s that incorporates glass, natural stone, works of art and creative details all inspires by the city surrounds to awake is costumers senses.

Interior Home Design

DaDe Art&Design

DaDe Art&Design – They provide innovative and exclusive products and services that enhance spaces, with a distinctive product range and philosophy of modern living.

Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen – The most important at Ethan Allen is that they are people who love their homes and they believe passionately, that everyone should love theirs like a blueprint for our life. They say that the well designed home never goes out of fashion, but its definition is always changing. They struggle everyday to create exceptional, relevant, and stylish furniture and accessories.


BoConcept – they claim to be the ultimate destination for modern and contemporary furniture in Calgary . They have skilled design consultants who will introduce you to their collection of Danish design furniture and accessories.


Art Galleries

Federation Of Canadian Artists

Federation Of Canadian Artists – They offer an opportunity for everyone to attend and participate in demonstrations, workshops, critiques and exhibitions.  Each meeting contains business and inspiration.

Artpoint Gallery And Studios

Artpoint Gallery And Studios – It’s a renovated residence that houses studios and workshops on three levels and a large renovated warehouse that contains several studios as well. Plus two galleries and an incubator space/salon on the second floor. Currently, about 50 artists from Calgary and area have memberships in the Society.

National Music Centre

National Music Centre – The National Music Centre ins not all about music but it will provideCalgary with another architectural landmark, design to be an icon piece of architecture the NMC will draw not only music lovers but also buffs from all around the world.


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