Laura Kirar

“My interiors are more curated than designed. As pieces are selected the interior unfolds to reflect the shared vision of me and my client. Inspiration is born form my experiences traveling, my love of collecting and my passion for art. I believe in the importance of life’s simple joys: art, nature, music, books and in particular, the compelling interactions had with people and places.” Laura Kirar

Laura Kirar is the founder and creative director of Laura Kirar Design. Work in tandem to create elegant, innovative interiors and product for the home with timeless sensibility. Laura has shaped the design of an array of interesting projects – from high-end residences to award-winning commercial interiors of restaurants, showrooms and hotels. Laura Kirar

In the Vir Stil collection, Laura Kirar marries compelling design details with beautiful modern forms. Designed for the person who appreciates the act of discovery, the individual pieces in the Vir Stil collection gradually and subtly reveal themselves over time. Laura Kirar

Laura Kirar has created a transitional collection for McGuire that exudes a harmonious balance of texture and proportion. Inspired by mid-century aesthetics, her design vision combines a deep appreciation for materials and craftsmanship, a rare passion for history, and thoughtful, contemporary executions.Laura Kirar

The Laura Kirar Collection exhibits the timelessness, handcraftsmanship and detail that imbue all of Kirar’s designs, while the individual silhouettes make a decidedly bold, contemporary statement using McGuire’s signature materials. By referencing the past they achieve a contemporary look and fit comfortably within McGuire’s long history of timeless design and classic materials.


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