Krista Ewart

“My style of decorating is, ‘I love this, I love that, let’s put it all together and make it work!  Krista Ewart.

Krista Ewart is an interior designer from California with a style very fun. Like she said, had the purpose to amuse people putting all of her love in her work. And her pieces talk to themselves. Although, there is something liberating about her patterns and colors not matching perfectly, yet tying all together. She is not only talented but nice. She make me want to jump at the picture with all of that colors!

Krista Ewart

Design’s Krista is inspired by flowers and spring because she has elements who remind me that season. Krista Ewart

Ewart’s upbringing in Southern California clearly influenced her aesthetic, and her mother, who owned a consignment store, taught her the entrepreneurial spirit. She steers clear of spaces that could be called “cutesy” by using furniture with clean lines, and materials and wallpaper with big, bright patterns rather than smaller, ditzy prints. Her laid-back approach to interiors and penchant for bright has us reeling with the possibilities for bringing a little sunshine into our own homes.

Krista Ewart

Krista is always refreshing and reworking her personal living space, because she considers that “nothing feels better than someone sharing my sensibility and being able to help transform their home.”


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