James Mohn

James Mohn is a famous interior designer. Your principals projects are: decorating houses / apartments and restorations.


The styles more used by the architect and designer are a mixture of contemporary with art deco. The main characteristics of his works are the use of many carpets, decoration pieces (the kind of jars, books, etc); art, sculpture and mirrors; the furniture is generally smooth and with geometric shapes but also some used curved shapes; velvets and bright lighting are also a major feature; The colors used are strong (brown, etc) along with yellow and white.



Large spaces and high ceilings mark their projects. In the end we find elegant and glamorous decorations.

The project I most liked was the Tribeca Loft. I loved the way he made a small space (apartment) in a large space. I like the mix of styles: contemporary, elegant and urban (stairs).



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