Bert Haller

A German architect with projects divides for Hotels, Gastronomy, Wellness and Communication.

fashionbar-zurich Bert HallerHolder of a very modern style, her projects speaks for it selves. With very simple lines he can makes the difference. Although, there are particular common features in mostly of his projects:  wood. He transforms this simple material in very different and beautiful furniture and decoration’s material. In a different way to see design, he is inspired by common locals, like the project of Restaurant Seven Easy, Ascone. He says “For seven easy our idea was that the guest wouldn’t be left to eat in a dining area clearly separated from the kitchen, but that direct contact would be established between the restaurant and kitchen.” . It’s a very original idea how he creates the space.ekd-hall-berlin hall bert haller

Bert Haller creates projects which display of use of surprising, new materials and the widest variety of surfaces in a clear and structured design-languade. Light and relationship with art play a central role for us in the creation of emotional spaces.

They focus on the planning and transformation of demanding, complex and qualitative, high quality design projects.munich guest-lounge-in-the-lobby Bert Haller

Additional to the development of a design concept are the creation of a corporate design, the preparation of a detailed proposal and the production of a precise cost analysis.


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